Hemp & Cannabis COA Lab Testing Service


Get your strain of hemp or cannabis tested for quality and compliance from a professional cannabis testing facility!

Upon submitting your test order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with a form to be filled out and mailed into the lab. The form will contain the instructions for how to properly submit the sample to the lab. We’ll return your samples’ lab results within 3-7 business days, depending on the type of testing you’ve ordered.

NOTE: Please be sure to submit the exact number of lab tests that you order on our website. If you submit more samples for testing than you’ve ordered on our website, it will cause delays in processing your lab tests. For example, if you order tests for 3 samples, but mail 4 samples to the lab, we will need to delay your order to reconcile the billing.


Please provide the name of the grower/company that’s submitting the sample.

Please provide the name of the person that’s the best point of contact at your company.

Please include the name of the strain to properly identify the sample being submitted.

Cannabinoid potency and cannabinoid profile testing costs $100 per sample.

Terpene profiling costs $100 per sample.

Testing samples for restricted residues costs $150 per sample.

Testing for presence of heavy metals costs $150 per sample.