Hemp Extraction Facility in Michigan

Hemp Extraction Services & Hemp Extraction Facility in Michigan

Hemp Extraction Facility, Hemp Extraction Services in Michigan - Ag Marvels Ag Marvels, centrally located in Shepherd, MI, offers Michigan hemp farmers hemp extraction services, including:

  • Hemp Crude Oil Production
  • CBD Isolate Production
  • CBD Distillate Production
  • CBG Isolate Production
  • CBG Distillate Production
  • THC-Free Extraction

Ag Marvels has a hemp extraction facility conveniently located in central Michigan that is equipped with state of the art equipment and machinery to provide the highest quality services at extremely competitive prices. Maximize the return on your hemp crop by partnering with Ag Marvels to optimize your CBD and CBG isolate, distillate or crude oil yields from our cutting edge extraction processes.

If you're a hemp farmer, hemp grower or hemp producer in need of hemp extraction services, please contact us online or give us a call at (989) 828-7403 to discuss your needs in detail and get started on maximizing your hemp operation's profitability.

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