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Where can I buy hemp seeds? Ag Marvels.

Who has the best hemp seed prices & selection? Ag Marvels.

Who's the most trusted hemp seed bank in Michigan? Ag Marvels.

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Hemp Seed Company Located in Michigan

Ag Marvels is the Shepherd, Michigan hemp seed company that's trusted by Michigan's hemp farmers and hemp farms. Ag Marvels strives to offer the widest selection of hemp seed strains at the most competitive prices with flexible and transparent purchase terms.

We are centrally located in the state of Michigan, but we ship hemp seeds to hemp farms and those involved in the hemp industry across the United States and Canada. We offer a variety of seed strains to accommodate your hemp growing operation, whether it's a large scale outdoor hemp farm, or a small indoor hemp grow operation. We also offer seeds for growing in various climates, and our seed strains do not require greenhouses to produce high yields.

In addition to the common hemp seed strains that we call The Classics, we also offer Top Shelf Hemp Seed Strains and Specialty Hemp Seed Strains which include auto-flower strains and high CBG strains.

Hemp Seed Bank & Hemp Seed Shop Trusted by Michigan Hemp Farmers

We've worked hard to earn a reputation as an honest and reliable hemp seed supplier, hemp seed vendor and hemp seed company among farmers across Michigan, the Midwest and the United States.  Ag Marvels positions itself as a partner for hemp growers and hemp producers so that we can help lead Michigan's agricultural hemp revolution and the hemp revolution occurring across the country.

Whether you're an experienced hemp producer, you're a farmer looking for a more profitable crop, or you're brand new to growing hemp, Ag Marvels is here to help with expert advice on how to select the best hemp seeds for your current situation. Our seeds have high levels of phytocannabinoids and our selection of seeds offer a wide variety of terpenes and terpene profiles.

Buy Wholesale Hemp Seed with Bulk Hemp Seed Discounts

Ag Marvels sells wholesale hemp seeds with great discounts for bulk hemp seed purchases. To assist farmers just getting started in growing hemp, we also offer financing plans that vary by hemp seed strain and the volume you're purchasing. Ag Marvels is Michigan's trusted source for wholesale hemp seeds because of our expertise, quality genetics and competitive prices. Discounted pricing for hemp seed purchases will be applied after adding your hemp seeds to your online shopping cart.

For hemp seed purchases that exceed one million seeds, please contact us online, by phone at (989) 828-7403, or by email at

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High CBD Hemp Seeds

Our seeds' genetics are selected and refined for high yield CBD extraction or hemp flower potent in CBD, CBG & other desirable cannabinoids. Ag Marvels' high CBD hemp seeds provide exceptional value with a clear path to ROI on your hemp investment. Invest in the best low THC, high CBD hemp seeds from Ag Marvels, the trusted supplier & vendor of hemp seeds in Michigan.

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High CBD Hemp Seeds for Sale in Michigan - Ag Marvels
Michigan Hemp Seeds for Sale with High Quality Genetics - Ag Marvels

Quality Hemp Seed Genetics

Our genetically isolated seeds will maximize the yield from your hemp growing operation, while avoiding unnecessary headaches caused by seeds with unstable genetics. Our strains have CBD levels averaging 10-18%. Our seeds' genetics are selected to produce low THC, high CBD flower, so your crop won’t run hot. Ag Marvels' standards of quality control, depth of expertise, and transparency will give you peace of mind knowing your hemp grow started with the highest quality genetics.

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Terpene Rich Hemp Seeds

In addition to being selected for high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids, our seed strains were also selected for terpene isolation to achieve desirable and unique hemp flower flavors and scents. Our diverse selection of seed genetics delivers exceptional value when the scent, flavor and other characteristics determined by a strain's terpene profile are important to a hemp crop and the ultimate consumer of the products derived from the crop's output.

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Hemp Seeds with Desirable Terpene Profiles - Ag Marvels

Considerations When Selecting Hemp Seeds to Plant

Ag Marvels has a wide variety of hemp seed options with regard to genetics, quality, price, cannabinoid profiles, and terpene profiles. We also offer feminized and non-feminized seeds depending on the seed strain. Another consideration to make when planning your hemp crop, is whether to plant hemp seeds or plant hemp starts/hemp seedlings.

Hemp Seed with Best Genetics, Quality & Price in Michigan - Ag Marvels

Genetics, Quality & Price

Ag Marvels offers three different levels of genetics for hemp seeds. The levels, or categories, of hemp seeds based on genetics are Top Shelf, The Classics and Specialty. If you have any question about which category of seed you should purchase, contact our hemp seed experts.

Hemp Seeds with Desirable Cannabinoid & Terpene Profiles - Ag Marvels

Cannabinoid & Terpene Profile

Each of the strains offered by Ag Marvels has a unique cannabinoid profile & terpene profile. How your hemp crop will be utilized (CBD extraction, smokable flower, etc) and the desired characteristics will determine which strain is best for you.

Feminized Hemp Seeds in Michigan - Non-Fem Hemp Seeds Michigan - Ag Marvels

Feminized vs. Non-Feminized

Feminized hemp seeds only grow female plants, which means growers spend less time weeding out undesirable male plants that produce flower with smaller amounts of desirable cannabinoids, such as CBD or CBG. Many hemp growers only use feminized hemp seeds to increase their harvest's ROI.

Hemp Seeds vs Hemp Starts & Hemp Seedlings - Michigan Hemp Seed Bank - Ag Marvels

Seeds vs. Starts/Seedlings

We sell hemp seeds and hemp starts, or hemp seedlings. Based on your situation, experience growing hemp and your grow operation, it can be advantageous to start your hemp grow operation with hemp starts or seedlings, instead of hemp seeds. If you're unsure about which is best for you, contact our hemp seed experts.

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