Are you a Michigan farmer looking to join the Hemp Industry?

Are you a MICHIGAN FARMER? Have you been weathering through the economic challenges of the farming industry the past few years, wondering how you and your Farm are going to make it one more year?

We are Michigan Farmers ourselves and have personally experienced the debilitating economic challenges with our own operation. We have become INTENT on being proactive by taking significant steps in evolving our own Farm Operation so we can STAY in operation, and dare we say, be PROFITABLE again.

One of those steps has been taking FULL advantage of the 2018 FARM BILL passing of HEMP as a LEGAL Agricultural Crop in our great state of Michigan.

Folks…the numbers are staggering. Hemp can be the MOST PROFITABLE crop you have EVER raised on your Farm.

Have you been thinking about adding Hemp to your MI Farm Operation? Do you not know how to get started? Do you need Seed and Starts? Did you put Hemp in the ground THIS year but are in need of EXPERT Agronomy services to help raise it affectively? Are you looking at waist high plants in your field RIGHT NOW, and still have no plans yet where you will process, extract or SELL your crop at Harvest time?

AG MARVELS. We are a FULL SERVICE SEED to SALE Michigan HEMP company, LEADING the Michigan Hemp Revolution. We are currently working with Michigan Farmers EVERY day, and we are here to help YOU through EVERY aspect of adding Hemp to YOUR Farm Operation.

We are a TEAM of AG Professionals rich in education, experience, and Hemp expertise, who will walk you through EVERY STEP of this great, new crop in our State. We will advise you on Hemp licensing, provide you with your Seed and Starts, provide our Expert Agronomy services, as well as all the necessary equipment, crop specific fertilizers, and needed products for you to successfully grow a highly profitable crop. We will be your source of Processing and Extraction for your entire Hemp Crop at our AG MARVELS EXTRACTION FACILITY ideally located in Central Michigan, and also provide you the value-added option of PURCHASING your ENTIRE Hemp Crop at Harvest.

Want to learn more or talk with us personally? Check out our website: Message Us. Let us know if you are interested in attending our Ag Marvels Hemp Meeting, scheduling this Fall/Winter. We DO IT ALL from Hemp SEED to Hemp SALE and we’re READY to work with you!