Top 100 U.S Business Leaders: Mike and Jaime Klumpp – Meet the Power Couple of the Hemp Industry

Meet the Power Couple of the Hemp Industry—

Leading the Industry Across the Plains of Michigan to the Shores of Switzerland and Beyond

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Mike and Jaime appear in the Top 100

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Mike and Jaime Klumpp

Meet the Power Couple of the Hemp Industry—

Leading the Industry Across the Plains of Michigan to the Shores of Switzerland and Beyond

From farm kid to the leader of the largest hemp processor in the state of Michigan with a global reach that spans across both ponds, Mike Klumpp, along with his wife, Jaime, presides over a family empire that is changing the landscape of a booming industry. The Klumpp family has been an integral part of the agricultural fabric of Central Michigan for generations, since Mike’s great-great grandfather planted his first crops on the countryside of Isabella County some 145 years ago. Growing up, Mike reveled in these vast farmlands and the scent of newly tilled soil, the energy-filled air of harvest season—but he was also a forward-thinking entrepreneur with an eye on the horizon.

Today, he and Jaime, who serves as CFO of all their operations, own a thriving 3,000-acre organic farming operation, MAK Enterprises, and Ag Marvels, a full-service hemp company with the largest state-of-the-art processing and extraction facility in the state, serving some of the biggest processors and manufacturers of CBD-based products across the globe—all while selling hundreds of kilos of cannabinoid products per month. As a member of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Trade Advisory Committee, and a member of Michigan Farm Bureau Hemp Task Force, Mike’s standing as a leader in the agricultural industry—and his commitment to advancement of the industry as a whole—is unquestionable.

Indeed, if ever there were two symbiotic entrepreneurs who know what it takes to build a thriving enterprise, it’s Jaime and Mike—the veritable matriarch and patriarch of hemp. Jaime hails from a successful career in real estate, from design to building to property development, and blends her creative talents and business skills in her roles not only at Ag Marvels and MAK Enterprises, but her own specialty farm and CBD company, Heirloom Grove, a bath and body skincare brand that is taking the market by storm.

In this special four-page series, we spoke with Mike and Jaime to learn more about their growing dynasty and their responsibilities as the vanguards of an entire industry.

Mike Klumpp:

Mike, give us a glimpse of your journey from hemp farmers to global suppliers in just two and a half years.

Jaime and I have always been entrepreneurs with a focus on the ag industry. When hemp became legalized in 2019, it seemed the perfect fit for us. It’s not often you have an opportunity to be one of the founders of a new industry, so we jumped in with both feet. Shortly after planting our first hemp plots on our own farm, MAK Enterprises, we installed a biomass dryer at Ag Marvels, followed by our first state-of-the-art processing plant to extract CBD and other isolates. As demand grew, we grew with it, constantly expanding to fit the changing needs of the market. Now we’re working with nearly 100 farmers across the country, processing hundreds of thousands of pounds of hemp, and supplying products and services to hemp growers, product manufacturers, bulk buyers, and overseas customers. Our second extraction facility will quadruple capacity. We’ve also expanded with our own retail brand, Heirloom Grove, Jaime’s company.

Tell us a bit more about Ag Marvels and MAK Enterprises.

Ag Marvels is a fully integrated, full-service hemp company providing a complete line of agricultural resources. As you mentioned, we have the largest hemp processing and extraction facility in Michigan, but we also specialize in cannabinoid conversions and manufacturing of wholesale and retail finished products while marketing and brokering hemp material and products. Everything we do is geared toward helping our customers build profitable ventures—agricultural consultation, drying, extraction, processing, supply, and we also purchase hemp crops. MAK Enterprises is our 3,000-acre farming operation, with two-thirds dedicated to certified organic farmland, and we added about 60 acres of organic hemp, from which we extract the CBD that we use in Jaime’s Heirloom Grove products.

Ag Marvels now counts companies in several countries among its clients. What prompted this global expansion?

We already had a more global model in place, which really sets us apart as few U.S. companies sell outside our borders. As other countries were legalizing hemp and CBD, we saw an opportunity to expand beyond the domestic market, so we started building connections overseas to sell products there. We’re experts in exportation of these products, and the needs of businesses in a lot of these countries revolve around the shipment of these products—transit, customs, duties, tariffs, regulations. We make the transaction a smooth one for our customers abroad when they source products from us.

Jaime, we’re going to talk with you about Heirloom Grove in a moment, but first, will you tell us about yours and Mike’s efforts to educate the public about hemp and CBD?

When we first got into the industry, many people were hesitant to adopt it because they thought that hemp was the same thing as marijuana. But it’s entirely different—it’s for health, not the high. We’re helping to change the message and the culture around it, normalize it, and help people understand it’s tremendous health and environmental benefits, and consumers are understanding this now.

Finally, Mike, will you give us a glimpse into your ongoing work to advance all players in the industry on a global landscape, and the industry as a whole?

I’ll be happy to. Ag Marvels being fully integrated and vertical in the hemp industry gives us unique experience, knowledge, networking opportunities, and resources to be a top leader in the country.  And we use our position to generate real hemp solutions to advance not only our company, but the hemp industry in the U.S. as a whole.  I was also recently appointed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Trade Advisory Committee for my leadership and experience in hemp, as the U.S. government looks to explore export opportunities in the global market. The future is bright for this market, and it’s very important that we begin to include hemp in discussions for foreign trade as we move forward and grow this industry.

Thank you for both for sitting down together to talk with us. Now, let’s turn to our conversation with Jaime to learn more about her and her company, Heirloom Grove.

Jaime Klumpp:

She is the CFO of a family-owned hemp empire who is changing the face of CBD—literally. One need only glance at the family photos adorning the Heirloom Grove website to understand how Jaime Klumpp is capturing the hearts and minds of CBD consumers and wholesalers across her home state of Michigan and the globe. She’s a new breed of leader, bringing fresh light to the space and changing lives the world over.

A creative businesses woman with a passion for entrepreneurship, Jaime possesses a talent for turning ideas into successful businesses, from designing and building homes to property development and real estate ventures. It is precisely this rare blend of creative and business skills combined with a design background that she brings to her roles as the CFO of her and her husband, Mike’s, thriving hemp dynasty, including Ag Marvels, and MAK Enterprises, their sprawling 3,000-acre family farm. So when Jaime launched Heirloom Grove in 2019 and in less than three years tripled its product line and earned a reputation for excellence within the hemp and CBD community, it came as no surprise to anyone. Heirloom Grove is a specialty farm and seed-to-shelf CBD line derived from their family farm, where they grow industrial hemp and multiple other specialty crops including varieties of sunflowers, a newly planted fruit tree orchard, and blueberry fields. To be sure, Jaime owns the business savvy, talent, and all the skills necessary to run this dynamic empire, but underlying it all is a kind-hearted nurturer motivated not by success, but by family and community.

Jaime sat down with us to share more about Heirloom Grove and her mission to help women and families live healthier, happier, more beautiful lives.

Let’s jump right in, Jaime. Tells us a little bit more about Heirloom Grove and your products.

I’d love to. Heirloom Grove is founded on farm-to-family ideals, and our products originate from our own organic farm, with the highest-quality natural ingredients. We offer four lines—bath and body, our “From the Farm” plant seeds from our own acres of sunflowers, our gift sets, and our relief products that can naturally support an array of health benefits. Our entire line is available via our website and in local specialty stores across Michigan, such as Craft Hemp Company. As demand is growing, we’re working with distributors to expand into retail chains across the country, salons, and privately owned boutiques.

Where did the idea for a CBD company that caters to families and women come from?

When we got into hemp industry in 2019, I saw that women, especially, were hesitant about trying CBD, and I really wanted to change this. Ours does not look like the typical CBD brand that most people see in the market. CBD is not THC, and it doesn’t get people high—that’s not what we’re about. Women were missing the benefits of CBD because of this misconception, so I started our own product line tailored toward them with a brand that reflects health and self-care, with a family feel. The company took off from there.

Your kids have absorbed yours and Mike’s entrepreneurial fire, with successful ventures of their own, including your wildly popular Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter. Will you share some of their endeavors with us?

I’ll be more than happy to! All our kids have such creative spirits and brilliant minds—and they’re still teenagers. I try to teach them, through example, the results of hard work, determination, and believing in oneself. I’ve advised my son with his successful farm-to-table farmers market, and my three daughters and I authoring our Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter, which has developed into a full e-commerce stationery and gift brand for women and girls, called Kai Kai Brai, named after my daughters. It started as an interactive journal for me and my girls, writing back and forth to each other, and we’d leave it on each other’s pillow to read—whether a picture they drew, or fun ideas to do together, memories, or questions about more complex life things. In 2015, we began offering them to people worldwide. Counseling centers have given them to girls experiencing trauma, and we’ve heard such touching stories about how it has impacted hundreds of others’ lives here in the United States and as far away as Australia, England, and South Africa, to Canada and Spain. Since then, we’ve expanded our line with notepads, cards, and tote bags that are available on our website, Etsy, and Amazon.

Let’s end with a personal question. What is it that drives you, Jaime?

My family motivates me every day, seeing them happy and fulfilled. You know that what you’re doing is not just an entrepreneurial venture, that what you’re doing is helping people in some way—this gives me the motivation to keep doing it.


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