3-in-1 Bed Shaper, Plastic Layer & Drip Tape Layer

Bed shaper, plastic, and drip tape layer with 3 point hitch and Pneumatic Wheels


This three in one: bed shaper, plastic layer, and drip tape layer is easy to use. With a 3 point hook up, this machine hooks on the back of a
tractor and can be used by just two people.

The machine creates a tight, thick level bed while also laying both drip tape irrigation and four foot wide mulch (plastic) over top of it all, creating a perfect growing area. With this machine having a great design by shaping the dirt, laying the mulch, drip tape and burying the mulch it uses very little physical labor.

NOTE: Mulch (plastic), drip tape, and all other associated fittings are available. Contact us for more information.

Product Reviews

2 reviews for 3-in-1 Bed Shaper, Plastic Layer & Drip Tape Layer

  1. LarryL65

    As a new hemp farmer, this tool was incredibly helpful for a larger outdoor crop.

  2. jgille07

    Great piece of equipment for any hemp farmer to utilize

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