Inside Ag Marvels’ Huge State of the Art Lab and Hemp Extraction Facility

Ag Marvels has been developing its state-of-the-art lab and hemp extraction facility since the 2018 Farm Bill passed, allowing for the cultivation and processing of hemp in Michigan. As a growing business and one of the largest extractors and processors of hemp in the country, Ag Marvels needs space to do it all!

The company is vertically integrated, meaning Ag Marvels does it all from the seed to the final product you see on the shelves. Along with this, plenty of space was needed outside to grow plants, greenhouses for starts and seedlings, drying barns and storage facilities, a lab and hemp extraction facility for processing, and spaces for bottling, labeling, and distribution. These facilities and land are situated in a few different locations in the Central Michigan area, mainly in Mt. Pleasant and Shepherd.

GMP Certified Lab and Hemp Extraction Facility

One of the spaces Ag Marvels has put the most investment, time, and effort into is the state-of-the-art lab and hemp extraction facility. Ag Marvels has received GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practices) and USDA Organic certification for this space, and this is where most of the heavy lifting for processing and extraction is done from our own plants and for customers.

Ag Marvels has also recently received recognition from the U.S. Hemp Authority as a Certified Company on their official list. In the hemp industry, quality, trust, and best practices are extremely important. This list serves as a go-to for consumers and companies to have peace of mind about the companies they do business with. Check out the full list here.

“As entrepreneurs, we own several other businesses in Michigan, most of them relating to ag in some way, shape or form. We jumped on the hemp train, if you will, and started planting hemp on our own farm—all organic-certified. Then, seeing the need for a drying facility, we put up a biomass dryer and then shortly after started building the processing facility here in Michigan to extract CBD and things—just looking at what that need was.” CEO Mike Klumpp said.

Ag Marvels is one of the largest hemp processing facilities in the country. With so many emerging hemp processing companies on the market today, we knew we had to set ourselves apart from the crowd. Using our 20+ years of farming experience and hemp industry expertise, we were able to build a top notch facility that allows us to customize projects of all sizes and deliver unmatched quality that creates long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Here, we have the expertise, tools, scale, and equipment to process materials into some of the highest quality extracts and conversions in the industry.

Some of the services that happen inside the lab and extraction facility:

  • Hemp Milling
  • Hemp Tolling
  • Cannabinoid Extraction
  • Hemp Conversions
  • Production of crude oil, distillates, isolates, and water soluble cannabinoids

Why Hemp?

The hemp industry has been growing at an extremely fast pace as more people discover the benefits and renewability and sustainability of it. Not only can it help people medicinally, but it can be used as a great source of protein, building material, animal bedding, clothing, plastics, and so much more. The amount of uses are endless.

Hemp is a versatile plant. The flowering portion of the plant is smokable, but it needs to be dried first. CBD oil and other isolates are generally derived from the flower as well. The fibrous portion of the cannabis plant can be used to make textiles or even building materials like plastic. To craft these unique products, the plant needs to be processed.

Once the hemp crop is harvested, it must be dried out. Ag Marvels uses a sizable, heated dryer. The hemp weaves its way through the oven on a system of conveyor belts.

For more about what it means to be GMP certified in the lab, see this page:

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