Ag Marvels Sponsors New MLive Cannabis Insights Event on May 18th in Detroit, Michigan

The hemp and cannabis industries have been booming with changes for the past few years. It is no secret that since legalization in Michigan, cannabis products are more accessible than ever, and now they can even be found at places like gas stations. Although there are many reputable companies, it is also a risk for the consumer if they purchase products that are wrongly labeled or that contain unsafe materials. Other talking points in the industry that have been opened for discussion include real estate, banking for cannabis, social justice, and new innovations in cannabis.

MLive Media Group held the Cannabis Insights event to continue the conversation about these issues and what we can all do to create safe regulation and production practices for all hemp and cannabis products. Ag Marvels was a proud sponsor of this event, and CEO Mike Klumpp was a featured speaker alongside Primitiv’s Calvin Johnson Jr. and Pleasantrees Rick Wershe Jr. Mike talked on the future of hemp and cannabis under the CRA umbrella as a leader in the hemp industry. The CRA is a newly formed regulatory agency that combines both marijuana and hemp under the same roof. This panel included Mike Klumpp, CEO of Ag Marvels, Andrew Brisbo, Executive Director of the MRA, and Denise Pollicella, Founder & Partner of Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan.

Cannabis Insights was a great event to attend and sponsor. Special thanks to MLive Media Group for all the hard work the hard work that went into planning the day, and for having Ag Marvels along as a sponsor and speaker. We are excited for the future and the amazing things that are to come for the industry as a whole.

Here are some photos our team captured during the event:

Mike Klumpp and Calvin Johnson Jr.